A passion for Abraham Lincoln

You could say I have a passion for Abraham Lincoln.  Ever since I was a kid I remember being fascinated by our 16th President.  A man of great strength – both physically and in character.  A man who was called to serve his country when his country was trying to rend itself asunder. A man who ultimately gave up his life to save the Union.

As this writer’s site develops I’ll be creating pages for topics of interest to me, and hopefully to you.  The first is Abraham Lincoln.  In it will be updates on Lincoln-related projects such as books about Lincoln and the book I’m writing about him.

Other pages will spring up as time permits.  The next will probably be one for a book that I may be writing about Nikola Tesla.  I’m waiting for the final offer from the publisher and a contract, then I’ll be off and running.

Another page will be travel.  I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in the last 10 years and plan to do quite a bit more.  I’ll document some of the stories from the road, including my long conversation with a Japanese man on a Tokyo train…a conversation in which he spoke no English and I spoke no Japanese and yet we got along famously.

Each of these pages, and others, can be found quickly by clicking on the bar below the photos.  That is, once they are all created.  And yes, the photos are all ones I have taken over the years.  I’ll do a post on that some day as well.

Feel free to subscribe to this web site – see the right column on the home page – or bookmark your favorite page and come back periodically for updates.  The site, and the writing, is a work in progress so expect things to pop up frequently.

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