Nikola Tesla book Update – Opportunity of Inventions

I mentioned a while back that I was talking to an agent and a publisher about writing a book about Nikola Telsa, the great man of invention. Not the electric cars (though somehow it seems possible that he was behind the Tesla S model), but radio, alternating current (AC), the “Tesla coil,” guided missiles, wireless transmissions, polyphase power systems, a “death ray,” or two.  You know, the usual science geek stuff.  Add in his friendships with famous poets, business titans like George Westinghouse, and writers like Mark Twain…not to mention a few weird quirks about multiples of three and pigeons (long story)…and you have an eccentric genius of science.

Perfect topic for me to write about.

Today I received the initial offer from the publisher and agent to write the book about Tesla.  More details to come once they are finalized, but suffice to say that things have progressed quite nicely, thank you very much.  I’ll be getting back to the agent shortly and defining the book, the timing, and the all-important advance over the next few days or week.  Then it’s all about researching and writing.  Oh, and more researching and writing.


Did I mention writing.  🙂

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