Nikola Tesla chapter outline is now in the publisher’s hands!

Nikola TeslaMy book chapter outline is contractually due May 1st and so I’m diligently adding the finishing touches so I can send it to the editor.  Meanwhile, the contract is finally finished and the first installment of the advance should arrive within 30 days. (Yay!)

Here’s a preview:

Chapter 1:           A Scientific Rock Star is Born

Chapter 2:           Coming of Age in Europe

Chapter 3:           The Odd Mr. Tesla

Chapter 4:           Of Edison and Westinghouse

Chapter 5:           A Man Always at War

Chapter 6:           Wireless and Wardenclyffe

Chapter 7:           Taking on Einstein

Chapter 8:           Beyond the Grave – Conspiracies and Pop Culture

Chapter 9:           A Lasting Legacy

It’s in!!  I sent the Chapter Outline in to my editor at Sterling Press tonight.  The signed contract gets put into snail mail tomorrow (yeah, snail mail, go figure).

Now back to the writing…

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