I Walked 77 Miles Through Italy – For This?

I recently returned from a well-deserved (at least in my mind) trip to Italy, during which my total walking mileage was about 77 miles. In 9 days. The trip started in Rome, passed through Pisa, flourished in Florence, broke in Bologna, and mingled in Milan before coming to a close in Geneva.  And in those places there was the Sistine Chapel, the leaning tower, the naked David statue (another David, no relation), the two towers (no, not the Tolkien ones), the Last Supper, and a mostly not spurting jet d’eau. Oh, and then there was the guy who picked my pocket.

But I’m not going to talk about those now.  I’m going to talk about the weirdos.

There are weirdos in Italy.  Did you know that? To be honest I really shouldn’t be shocked given that I’ve seen this sort of thing everywhere I’ve gone in Europe (not so much in Asia for some reason).  Mostly they are the street performers, if you can call sitting or standing with no movement performing.

First there was the guy sitting on the corner of piazza that keeps Trevi Fountain from running down the street. I think he went by the name of Ronnie Raygun.

Trevi street performer

Nearby was a slightly lost Praetorian Guard.  I believe, but cannot confirm, that he was checking the GPS app on his iPhone to locate the colosseum (two miles east).

Roman praetorian guard

Not to be outdone was this finely dressed gentleman.  Something strange about him – Not quite sure I can see what it is though.  I think he’s hiding something.

invisible man

This guy isn’t really a weirdo. In fact, he played the most extraordinary guitar.  On a most extraordinary guitar.  Very talented and a real treat to hear.

guitar player

Now this guy – he was weird.  But environmentally friendly!

The Tree Man

Even the horses got into the act.  Now I know what they mean by that old expression – “tying on a feedbag.”

horse and feedbag

Too bad we can’t teach the folks here in DC how to wear a costume and stand still for hours.  They would make a lot more money begging that way.

So this was my weirdo, er, street performer post for Italy.  I assure you that there were a lot of incredible sites along the way and I’ll definitely come back to share them with you all soon.  Here’s some art to whet your appetite. Anyone know who this is (who they are)?

David and Goliath

8 thoughts on “I Walked 77 Miles Through Italy – For This?

  1. Very nice picks. A good observation that there aren’t many of these in Asia.
    So, some guy picked your pocket. Heard it’s pretty common in Italy, and also Spain. Hope you didn’t lose anything. Appeared that you still had the passport to come back home.

  2. The guy didn’t get anything – I felt his hand in my back pocket and grabbed back, so he quickly took off. I suppose there are worse places to be stuck if I had to go through the hassle of replacing it.

    Still was a great trip. More pictures to come.

  3. Hi David, Thanks for the refreshing break from politics. It’s funny we all want the same thing but still have a hard time getting on the same page to get there. Thanks for the like on my song. My attempt to bring some music back into my life and to bring some enjoyment to folks who like original music!

    • Hi Chris. I’ve done a lot of traveling and am planning to write more about it on a freelance basis. Definitely combining the two things I love (though one costs a lot and the other doesn’t pay much…yet). Good that you are doing the same with your music. We all need to remind ourselves what is really important in life once in a while.

    • Exactly right. This was in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, right next to the Uffizi Gallery (which was amazing in itself). I need to write more about this trip.

      Not sure how much I love weirdos, but I do seem to attract them. 🙂

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