Some enhancements to the pages to facilitate finding articles

David J KentAs this web site continues to develop there will be periodic changes in structure and content.  Some of these changes will be BIG AND NOTICEABLE while others will be a wee bit less obvious.

One of those “wee bit” changes is the addition of a link on each of my individual pages that provide access to all of the posts on that page’s topic with a single click.

On my Abraham Lincoln page look at the bottom of the page “For a full list of my Abraham Lincoln posts click here.”

On my Nikola Tesla page look in the very first paragraph “For all my Tesla articles click here.”

On my Travel page look about two-thirds of the way down for “To get you started, you can click on this link or simply click on the “Travel” tag at the end of any travel post.”

I have also now provided my email address at the bottom of the About Me page.  [For those not familiar with spammers, just change the AT to @ and the DOT to . and close up the spaces so it looks like an actual email address.]

To keep up with all my posts you can subscribe via email on the home page (look under the calendar on the right hand side).

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