Nikola Tesla Chapter 1 is in the can

Tesla radio stained glass window“In the can” in the sense of wrapping up a film, as opposed to in the circular filing cabinet (or worse, the room with a view of the bidet).  Just wanted to clarify that.  In any case, with a September 1st deadline to deliver the Nikola Tesla book to the publisher I have to finish a chapter a week for the next two months.  Chapter 1 – A Scientific Rock Star is Born –  is now done.

“Done,” of course, doesn’t mean actually done.  I will still need to do significant editing, pull out sidebar quotes (it will be a very visually appealing book), and obtain the photos to be used.  But the substance is complete.

And Chapter 1 isn’t the only part of the book that is written.  I recently completed a short preface that sets the stage for Tesla’s contributions, peculiarities, and legacies.  I also have pieces of other chapters, an appendix, and ideas for how to incorporate some of his writings.

Next step is to scope out Chapter 2 – Coming of Age in Europe.  By this time next week I hope to be putting the finishing touches on the chapter. Wish me luck.

BTW, the photo is of a stained glass window in the Passage Světozor (a shopping mall) in Prague, Czech Republic. Courtesy of Wiki Commons.

More on my Nikola Tesla book.

3 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla Chapter 1 is in the can

  1. Sounds great. Good luck with the next chapter! Want to see that beautiful glass window in Prague!

    • Yes, I’m sorry I missed it when I was there before. Maybe next time.

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