Science Traveler – New Name, Same Me

David J. KentI’ve changed my name. I’m now Science Traveler.

The Traveling Scientist was nice, but it had way too many syllables. And nothing is more important to a writer than having exactly the right number of syllables. [Yes, I counted the number of syllables in that sentence.]

As I’ve mentioned in the past, this site is a work in progress. Which is appropriate because every writer has a work in progress, or the shorthand version, WIP. I actually have several WIPs, but we’ll get to those in good time.

Note the Twitter feed has also changed names to Science Traveler. Be sure to follow me here, there, and everywhere.

Another WIP as it relates to this site is a redesign that will take place after I deliver the Nikola Tesla book to the publisher. The new Science Traveler will make it easier to track posts in different categories, and of course, highlight some of the key tidbits from my books.

More to come.


5 thoughts on “Science Traveler – New Name, Same Me

  1. This is very exciting how you have taken your opportunities, collected the events and are putting it on paper. Very creative. I am proud of you for making the most from opportunities!

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