Tesla Book is Almost Ready for Publisher

Nikola TeslaMy book Nikola Tesla: Scientific Rock Star is in its final stages prior to sending to the publisher. It’s the main reason why I haven’t posted anything new here in the last week. All that is left to do is organize the photos that I’ve picked out for the book, do the same for the sidebars, and do one (or two or three) last editing runs through the manuscript.

Gee, that still sounds like a lot.

In any case, the manuscript is due to the publisher by Monday. And it will be delivered. I already have the non-Tesla fiction book ready to read as a reward for getting it in. Actually, since only 1 or 2 of the 50 books I read a year is fiction, it’s less of a reward and more of a way to distract myself from the inevitable anxiety of waiting for the manuscript to be accepted. That and recalibrating my brain for my next book proposal.

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