Gondolas in Venice – New Header Image

James JoyceAh, Venice. Italy. One of my favorite stops on my world tour. I have added another image to my header, joining the five other images that rotate from page to page. The photo was taken near Piazza San Marco – St. Mark’s Plaza – in Venice during a beautiful late summer day.

The vagaries of the cover photo requires some cropping to fit the space, so here is the full photo.

Venice, Italy gondolas

In the background you can see the 16th Century Benedictine Church of San Giorgio Maggiore located on a small island called, not surprisingly, Giorgio Maggiore.

I’ll have more photos of Venice in a future post. In case you missed it, check here for a photo of the Campanile, the bell tower in the Piazza San Marco.

Read about the other cover photo images here.

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5 thoughts on “Gondolas in Venice – New Header Image

  1. Finally see this photo in the header! Now I understand why you wanted to post the full pic. :)) Goods great both ways…

    • Yes, the header does crop out some of the good parts, but also emphasizes some of the best parts.

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