Tesla book edits are in!

Nikola TeslaAll angst aside, it was worth the wait.

I mentioned earlier this week that my editor for Tesla: Wizard of Electricity promised to send me his edits on the manuscript I submitted in early September. I received them last night.

Keep in mind that for the last three weeks I have had no feedback about whether he felt the manuscript was good, bad, or circular file worthy. So natural paranoia battled natural confidence battled natural dispassionate analytical logic for which persona could create the most melodramatic interpretive scenario of the likely verdict. Yeah, I was biting my nails. And when the email finally came it was extremely flattering.

My gasp of relief was audible for miles.

Having passed this milestone the next step is to review all of the edits from my editor and the copyeditor at Sterling Publishing. Based on my first scan the edits appear to be a combination of tightening some of the sentences, queries for clarification, and suggestions regarding a few lines that impact backlisting potential. I will start digging deeper into them this weekend. My responses are due back by the end of next week.

Meanwhile over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting some great Nikola Tesla fans and researchers. My Facebook author’s page “Likes” have jumped up to 39, which isn’t in Lady Gaga territory (yet) but is a wonderful start to building my connections.

Now, on to the edits!

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    • Thanks, Cynthia. Definitely a relief. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print. And, of course, seeing a big pre-order list!

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