Nikola Tesla Goes to the Silent Auction

Nikola TeslaIn a few weeks I will attend the annual scientific conference of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). This year Nikola Tesla will go with me. And then he will leave with someone else.

The conference attracts about 2500 members each year and we juggle our time between attending presentations of the latest science, attending committee meetings and other events, and attending to the myriad conversations held in the hallways of the convention center. The latter is where most of the collaboration is done. Or at least it seems that way.

There are also socials and various other events, this year including a dinner in the Aquarium of the Pacific since the conference is being held in Long Beach (and yes, I will be adding the aquarium to my list!). Every year there is also what is called a Silent Auction. Members donate everything from artwork to golf clubs to earrings made from the sand castings of worm-like fly larvae (you have to be there to appreciate it). For three days the items all sit on display in the main exhibit hall and everyone has a chance to write down their bids on whatever items appeal to them. As a scientific organization it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that there are a lot of books donated. And that is where Tesla comes in.

While my Nikola Tesla book won’t have a hard cover until the spring of 2013, I have donated a signed copy to the silent auction. The winning bidder will get to specify whatever inscription they desire, which I will duly apply with my signature and then send the book to them free of charge as soon as it pops out of the printing press. Here is the flyer I will put on display:

Nikola Tesla Silent Auction

One thing you might notice is that the title has changed. This wasn’t entirely unexpected since “Scientific Rock Star” was merely a working title from the beginning. But you’ll see I have cleverly found a way to keep it on the cover. 🙂

All proceeds from the silent auction go toward funding student activities, including helping to cover the cost of doing research, developing presentations, and traveling to scientific meetings like SETAC. So I’m hoping that the book will get plenty of attention. I’ll let you know.

More about Nikola Tesla.

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5 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla Goes to the Silent Auction

  1. This is wonderful! The flyer looks great.. I am sure a legion of people will want to take Tesla home! 😛

    • I hope so. The money goes to support students at SETAC, and the publicity for the book won’t hurt either. Next year I may donate again with an actual hard copy book to put on the table. 🙂

  2. Can one place a bid online? And are any of the other silent auction items available to view online? Perhaps on a SETAC website?

    • I don’t think you can bid online, Cynthia. Most of the items aren’t available until people show up at the meeting (assuming they didn’t lose their luggage containing the item). And then the bidding is onsite. The only thing they mention on the website is a surfboard (probably because it is southern California).

      I wonder if they are open to setting up an Ebay-ish option. I’ll check with them.

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