Nikola Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity

Nikola TeslaThings are moving along with my book Nikola Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity. The manuscript has been accepted by my editor at Sterling Publishing and their team is working on the design – layout, photos, colors, sidebars, and much much more. Sometime in January it will go to the printer and pre-orders will start sometime in the spring.


So, what can you expect from the book? Here’s a tickler – my chapter titles…

Chapter 1:      A Scientific Rock Star is Born

Chapter 2:      Coming of Age in Europe

Chapter 3:      The Odd Mr. Tesla

Chapter 4:      Of Edison and Westinghouse

Chapter 5:      A Man Always at War

Chapter 6:      Wireless and Wardenclyffe

Chapter 7:      Taking on Einstein

Chapter 8:      Beyond the Grave – Conspiracies Abound

Chapter 9:      A Lasting Legacy

I’ll have more when I return from my trip.

More about Nikola Tesla.



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