Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity – Availability

Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity and David J. KentA quick update on the upcoming launch of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity. Did I say upcoming. Actually…

It’s here!

The book is being published by Sterling Publishing (specifically, their Fall River Press imprint). Since Sterling is a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble, for the initial launch period the book will be available exclusively at Barnes and Noble stores and on the barnesandnoble.com website. You won’t find it listed on Amazon so go straight to the barnesandnoble.com (or BN.com) site.

The hard copy book is currently available for pre-order. Check it out, you can’t beat the price. Pre-order it now for delivery as soon as June 30th arrives.

Want an e-book? To speed up the process of adding the e-book to the site, look below the pre-order button for where it says “nook books.” Click on the line that asks “Want to read this on your NOOK? Request as NOOK Book from the publisher.” It will tell them to get the e-book online. [Or if it is already there by the time you click, just go ahead and order it]

In July the book will be in the actual Barnes and Noble brick-and-mortar stores. Look for it prominently displayed near the front door as you enter the store. I’ll provide more details when that happens, plus let you know where I’ll be secretly showing up to sign copies of the book (and give talks about Tesla to anyone interested).

I’ll also have copies for sale through this website, assuming I have any left after the upcoming visit with my family and my participation in Tesla Days in Philadelphia. Look for a link on this site in early July.

More details soon. I promise.

(Okay, time to celebrate!)





More information on the release of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity.

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4 thoughts on “Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity – Availability

  1. Congratulations, David! I know how hard you have worked for this – and I’m sure it’ll be a great success!

  2. Hi David,

    It’s in the local Olympia WA Barnes and Noble. I’ll pick it up as soon as I get a chance.

    My Best,

    Ron Bax

    • I hope you enjoy the book. Thanks in advance for posting a book review (even a short one) and rating on barnesandnoble.com and Goodreads, etc.

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