Tesla (and I) Visit a Book Club

I recently had the honor of attending a book club and book signing at the home of a long-time colleague and friend. In our best Lennon-McCartney fashion we followed a long and winding road to get there. Set back in a secluded forest enclave, a beautiful country house rose up to meet our arrival. My host was Betsy Grim, now retired after many years at some federal agency that I can’t name (but it has something to do with protecting the environment). And now Betsy leads a book club. The club I was about to meet.

As her guests arrived we were served prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine (sort of like champagne, but don’t repeat that to anyone French). Some great conversation with the early arrivals eventually led to their gruesome realization that they would all have to listen to me talk about my book. Or more accurately, about Nikola Tesla himself.

Tesla and the author

I don’t actually recall how long I talked. I do admit that only one person seemed to sleep through it all, but in all fairness it was one of Betsy’s grandchildren, a six-week old infant who graciously dozed from start to finish. Everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves, and I know I had a great time. Of course, everyone wanted a photo with the star of the event.

Nikola Tesla and friend

Afterwards (and even beforewards), I signed books to various attendees and the many loved ones for whom they were bought as gifts. Betsy duly supplied her suite of grandchildren with their own signed copies. Over two dozen books left with book club members, which made carrying the nearly empty box out much easier than lugging the full one in.

Book signing

In addition to the book event I’ve been getting weekly updates from my editor on the status of book sales in Barnes and Noble stores. He was ecstatic after the first week’s sales, but warned me the numbers would drop off eventually. Enthusiasm grew as the second week was even better; in fact, nearly twice as many flew off the shelves. Similar numbers for the third and fourth weeks in the store brought out the exclamation points! The Barnes and Noble closest to me was down to a single book yesterday after selling out their order…and reorder.

In short, we’ve sold out nearly two-thirds the print run, and it was a larger than normal print run. Sterling Publishers are looking at ordering a second printing, but if you haven’t gotten yours yet you better head out to the stores now because that second printing probably wouldn’t happen until next year. So go to Barnes and Noble stores, hit the barnesandnoble.com website, or order signed copies directly from me.

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