Part 1 – Photos and Videos from Tesla Presentation at Chester County Library, Exton, PA

For those who couldn’t make the November 3rd presentations of various artists, writers, and filmmakers in Exton, I’ve put together the following set of photos and videos. The Chester County Library, with fantastic coordination by Kristen Cassidy and superb hosting by author Howard Lipman, was the location of the event. The library provided us a room on the second floor where for three hours Howard directed the showing of videos, discussions of Tesla-inspired books and artwork, and made some incredible lightning bolts shoot from one side of the large room to the other.

Library sign, photo by Ru Sun

Okay, I made that last part up. We did have Tesla coils set up and some cool sparking demonstrations, but they didn’t actually fill the room with lightning. More on that later.

We started with a series of videos and audio presentations introducing Nikola Tesla to the participants. The first was a video created and distributed by Tesla’s Ambassadors, a Facebook-based group designed to “honour and respect the achievements of the great genius Nikola Tesla.” Check out this “Nikola Tesla Style” video from Tesla’s Ambassadors.

Also showing was a video by award-winning filmmaker Joseph Sikorski called Tower to the People: Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues, created to help promote the development of a science center at Tesla’s old laboratory, Wardenclyffe.

Tower to the People

And we couldn’t pass up the chance to see the video viewed by over 16 million people on YouTube, Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison: Epic Rap Battles of History.

After the videos it was my turn. I talked about my book, Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity, and then led a wide-ranging discussion that delved into Tesla’s support for renewable energy (which, BTW, is the topic of my next book), his friendships with Mark Twain and John Muir, and how just perfect it was to have David Bowie play Tesla in the movie, The Prestige. [I told you it was wide-ranging]

There was much, much more, but since this is already getting long I’ll arbitrarily stop here and make this “Part 1” and then follow up shortly with “Part 2,” which will include more cool videos and photos. Be sure to check back for, to quote Paul Harvey, “the rest of the story.”

See Part 2 here.

More information on upcoming Tesla events and speaking engagements.

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  1. Great post, David! The video is a scream. Fantastic! I’m enjoying your book. I read ten books at the same time, so I haven’t finished it yet. 🙂 Tweeted already, now I’ll share it in Facebook.

      • Thank you! Always love the rap battle video. Be sure to watch the other videos at the links. I’ll be putting up a Part 2 of the meeting, so come back to see that too. 🙂

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