Nikola Tesla has his own App for iPhone and Android

David J. Kent - Tesla Days 2013One of the most amazing things about Nikola Tesla was that he was a man far ahead of his time. He pushed for renewable energy as early as 1895 at Niagara Falls. In 1898 he was demonstrating a remote controlled boat in Madison Square Garden. He patented a vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft in 1928.  He even predicted that in the future there would be “an inexpensive receiver, not bigger than a watch, [that] will enable [any telephone subscriber] to listen anywhere, on land or sea, to a speech delivered or music played in some other place, however distant.”

Now there is an app for that.

Today, Tesla’s “inexpensive receiver” is in virtually everyone’s pocket, whether it be an iPhone, an Android device, or one of the many other handheld mini-computers that allow us to listen to music, speeches, even to watch television programs. So befitting Tesla’s vision of the future, the Tesla Science Foundation has created an app that facilitates keeping up with the many Tesla-related activities.

TSF app logo

The app is interactive. In fact, holders are asked to help populate the app with photographs taken at Tesla events, as well as other Tesla photos and memes. Download the app, upload your photos!

Tesla app photo gallery

There are screens that contain, and will contain, information on Tesla’s life, his patents, even documents available.

Tesla informationThe main screen shows a rotation of the logo, the meetup group, event photos, and more. At the bottom of the screen there are a series of buttons (four are shown at a time, but swipe sideways to see the others appear). You can quickly tap into upcoming events, photos, background information, social media, and even submit your own photos and write on a fan wall.

TSF main screen

The Tesla Science Foundation has done a great service to everyone with an interest in Nikola Tesla by creating this app. And you can help too. Some of the features are not yet fully functional, and there is room to add many great photos, so users should feel free to submit their pictures and offer suggestions for future updates. The app screenshots I provide above come from the iPhone version via iTunes, but the app also is available for Android devices so the screens may differ slightly. All in all this app is a great way to help spread the word of Nikola Tesla.

I’ll end with a reminder that there is another app under development by Brian Yetzer. I talked about his augmented reality app in a previous article.

Finally, don’t forget to join us at the New Yorker Hotel on January 11, 2014. View the program (both the Conference and Spirit Awards) here. Don’t miss out.

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