Of Old Friends and Chinese Climate Deals

A busy week science traveling in Vancouver at the annual SETAC conference, on which I’ll write more soon. Check out the cool grass-covered roof.

Vancouver convention center

The conference may be the only time I see in person many old friends. This year an invite to a special “senior resource group” breakfast got me thinking about how old some of those friends have become. It also made me think how much times have changed. Check out Old Friends, Getting Older on Hot White Snow.

China US flags

Meanwhile, the US and China signed a historic climate change agreement this week during President Obama’s Asian trip. With this pact, both of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitting countries show a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, a much needed step in the fight against man-made climate change. Not surprisingly, the partisan misrepresentation of the agreement back home started before the ink was dry. Read why this is such a big deal on The Dake Page. You can also read this “Fact check” article that corrects the misperceptions.

Tesla book in BN Nov 2014

Friends sent me the above photo of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity on display at Barnes and Noble. Apparently we’re now a science classic alongside Stephen Hawking and Ray Bradbury. This is noteworthy because sales have been so strong that the stores are making every effort to keep it available while copies of this printing last. The third printing will be out in February 2015. Meanwhile, my e-book continues to sell on Amazon – look for some exciting news about Nikola Tesla: Renewable Energy Ahead of Its Time to be annnounced shortly.

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