Science Traveling the World – One Aquarium at a Time

Lisbon Aquarium

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m an aquarium nut. I was a marine biologist early in my scientific career, including a semester in Bermuda during college and several years working at National Marine Fisheries Service laboratories in Maryland and New Jersey.

Over the years I’ve visited 40 aquariums in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and Bermuda. I have an Aquariums page on this website where I’ve logged in the places visited. As I’ve written articles about them I provide a link, and my plan is to cover all of the remaining aquariums over the next several months.

I’ve rearranged the Aquariums page to make the stories and photos easier to find. It will also serve as a handy guide to finding aquariums in your area, or an area where you plan to travel. North America is now split into regions covering New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Southeast, the West, and Miscellaneous (for those that don’t quite fit the others). Asia and Europe remain as single entities because there are fewer aquariums to list, but I’ll expand in the future as necessary. I also hope to add aquariums from South America and Africa if and when I go to any.

Check out the Aquarium page and come back to see new additions.

David J. Kent has been a scientist for over thirty years, is an avid science traveler, and an independent Abraham Lincoln historian. He is the author of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity (now in its 5th printing) and two e-books: Nikola Tesla: Renewable Energy Ahead of Its Time and Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla: Connected by Fate. His book on Thomas Edison is due in Barnes and Noble stores in spring 2016.

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