Lincoln book hits #1 on Barnes and Noble

My newest book, Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America, recently hit #1 on the Barnes and Noble website in its subcategory. This is no small achievement. The book has benefited from a wide public interest in Abraham Lincoln, and although … Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln and the Smithsonian Institution

Joseph Henry was not initially impressed with Abraham Lincoln. Barely a month after Lincoln settled into his new office in “that big white house,” the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution made his introductory visit. Henry’s inherent misgivings about the … Continue reading

Win a Free Copy of Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America

You now have a second chance to win a copy of Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America on Gooreads. I’ll even sign it for you. Entering is simple: Go here and scroll down to the “Win a Copy of this … Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln – The Dogmas of the Quiet Past are Inadequate for the Stormy Present

In December 1862 President Abraham Lincoln was in the midst of a Civil War, his Emancipation Proclamation was due to take effect in a few weeks, and he was struggling to maintain some sense of our national meaning. What he … Continue reading

Last Two Days to Get Free Copy of Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America

The clock is ticking. My Goodreads Giveaway of Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America is down to its last two days. Click here to enter for a chance to receive a free signed first edition hardcover copy of the book. … Continue reading

First Box of Lincoln Books Has Arrived!

My first box of Lincoln books is here! More to arrive shortly. Order now. If you haven’t yet, check out my preview of Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America. Check out my Goodreads author page. While you’re at it, “Like” … Continue reading

Marvel Comics Touts Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America

Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America is officially released today, July 31, 2017! The book is now available online through in both Hardcover and Nook versions. It should also be in all Barnes and Noble stores nationwide (if you … Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln Now on Goodreads – Plus, Books in the Mail

My Abraham Lincoln books are in the mail. And on Goodreads. July has always been a good month. In July 2013, I received nine boxes of books containing my copies of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity. In July 2016, my … Continue reading

Creating an Abraham Lincoln Library

My Abraham Lincoln library began with a few books years ago and grew slowly into several shelves, then leapfrogged into several bookcases, and in seemingly one big bang expanded exponentially into several rooms. This week I took steps to consolidate … Continue reading