The Orchids of Tenerife

As you read this I’m on my way to an island adventure (more on that later), which got me thinking about a past island adventure – Christmas in Tenerife. A quick Google search will show you that Tenerife is the main island in a group called the Canary Islands. Located off the coast of Morocco in northwest Africa, the Canaries actually belong to Spain. So my snowy escape from Brussels got me to frigid Madrid and then on to the nicely toasty Tenerife. [Toasty at sea level anyway; the summit of the volcano in the center of Tenerife was covered in ice and snow.]

Back to the toasty, even downright tropical, climate near the sea. While roaming the island and visiting Loro Parque I fell into a pod of orchids. Now I’m no orchid expert (to say the least), so I’m counting on all of you to let me know what to call the orchids that follow. Enjoy the photos.

Orchid DSC03453 DSC03454 DSC03455 DSC03456 DSC03457 DSC03458 Orchid


Okay, that last one was an Orca, not an Orchid. My bad.

I also suspect not all the orchids are orchids. Any orchid experts out there?

More on my travels.

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