Tesla is on the road again

Tesla and the authorI’m writing this in between packing for my trip and finishing up the 103 and a 1/2 things on my “do before my trip” list. So this will be quick.

Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity continues to have steady weekly sales. We’re down to the last 1000 or so copies (out of 10,000) and they are getting harder to find in Barnes and Noble stores. They are there though, so check out BarnesandNoble.com to find a location near you that still has stock. Or order an ebook online. You can also check out Amazon.com, which has some for sale by resellers.

Better yet, order a signed and inscribed copy directly from me.

Why is the timing so important? Because the publisher is looking to make a decision on whether to order a second printing for next spring. To be comfortable doing so they want to have sold out the first printing by Christmas.

Yes, Christmas. For those who have barely started thinking beyond Labor Day, we’re only a few weeks from Halloween, which means one thing – Christmas decorations will start going up soon. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. And I’ve been told that Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity is a great Holiday gift.

Now, on to the trip (darn, this is already longer than I expected). For those in Massachusetts who are available to get together, I’ll be flying up today (Thursday) and staying through Monday night. There’s a great family event on Saturday night, so anyone who bought a book in the store or online and wants me to sign it, you know where to find me. For those still wanting books, you’re in luck. There are several on hold with my northern affiliates (aka, my parents). Let me know if you want to get together for your favorite small talk and libation.

Okay, only 102 and a 1/2 things still to do. I’m mobile!

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Ipswich author tells an electrifying story

Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity and David J. KentThat is the headline of the online version of the article profiling me and Tesla in the Ipswich Chronicle this past week. The hard copy headline is even better – Tesla: An Electrifying Story. The article is available online at Wicked Local – Ipswich.

First of all, only in New England could you find a local paper described as “Wicked.”

Second, the article ran on Page 1 of the hard copy newspaper that came out August 15th, and then continued onto Page 3. For the online version be sure to follow the link to the second page.

I’m very happy with the profile. I was interviewed by Beverly Perna, a long-time freelance contributor to the paper who had been asked by the editor to write a story on me. It turns out Beverly was a perfect choice as she worked at the famous Museum of Science in Boston for ten years so she knows how to communicate science to non-scientists. Even better, she is a big fan of Abraham Lincoln and grew up in Illinois and Indiana, the “lands of Lincoln.”

Oddly enough, I’ve actually been profiled in the Ipswich papers before, though long long ago. Once for a matchbook collection I had in a past life and again for my time studying marine biology in Bermuda. I even have copies of the articles, which I had duly cut out at the time and stashed in my high school yearbook.

Just a few weeks ago I was at another Ipswich-related event here in DC – the play “Within These Walls” about the Ipswich House that resides in the Smithsonian. It was great to meet the playwright and actors after the show. As Beverly notes in her article, even though I’ve lived overseas a few times and have been in the Washington DC area for over one score years, Ipswich will always be my home.

If you haven’t already, you can read the Ipswich Chronicle article online.

David J. Kent is an avid science traveler and the author of Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America, now available. His previous books include Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity and Edison: The Inventor of the Modern World (both Fall River Press). He has also written two e-books: Nikola Tesla: Renewable Energy Ahead of Its Time and Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla: Connected by Fate.

Check out my Goodreads author page. While you’re at it, “Like” my Facebook author page for more updates!

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Quick Update on Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity

Tesla: The Wizard of ElectricityBusy day here in Tesla-land, but here’s a quick update on what is going on with Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity.

Book signing – Today I’ll do a book signing at a private residence in Virginia. About 20 people are expected and, unlike my previous events and launch party, I actually have books to sign. I’ll have more details and photos after the event.

Book reviews – Reviews and ratings on Goodreads have been very good. If you’ve read the book, please leave a 5 star rating. If you’re into reviews, please leave one of any length to help others decide.

Book sales – Sales continued to be outstanding for the second week the book was in stores, almost doubling that of the first week. I should be able to get the numbers for the third week tomorrow, but all three Barnes and Noble stores had reordered once or twice to refill stock flying off the shelves.

Book availability – Because of strong store sales, the publisher has emptied out the warehouse. So when you go to the barnesandnoble.com website you’ll be able to download the ebook but will be directed to your local brick-and-mortar store to buy a hard copy. Of course, you can always buy a signed hard copy from me on my Buy the Book page.

Magazine articles – I should have the cover story of WIRE magazine for Science Panorama coming out shortly. The topic – Tesla, of course. Also, Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity should be prominently featured in the next issue of Tesla Magazine.

Featured profile – A profile on me should be published this Thursday (or the next) in my hometown newspaper, the Ipswich Chronicle. Once it makes it into print I’ll update on my Tesla Events and Speaking Engagements page.

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Tesla books have finally arrived!

Books are hereGood news. My Tesla books have now arrived, and only days after I missed at least 5 opportunities to sell them directly to Tesla aficionados. So all you folks who said you wanted a signed book are now in luck – you can order them direct from me.

Of course, the “ultra simple WP PayPal shopping cart” turns out to be more than a little mis-named, given how I’ve been working for hours to get it up and running. Notwithstanding these trials and tribulations, I have managed to get a shopping cart feature set up. I think. So here is the procedure:

To order, you can click on the picture of the book on the home page. Or you can go directly to the Buy the Book page from the menu above. Once there you can enter the number of books you want and click on “Add to Cart.” Then head back to the home page.

Immediately below the picture of the book on the home page you’ll see a shopping cart, which should have your book(s) listed. Double check the quantity, then click on “Checkout.” That will take you to the PayPal site where you make payment and enter your mailing address for shipment. I will sign all books ordered directly from me!

If you want a special inscription, please email to me at davidjkent.writer@gmail.com.

I’m still working on getting a proper shopping cart system set up, but this should get everyone their books quickly.

Tesla Books are Shipping!

Click here to buy a signed copy of the bookI received word from my editor yesterday that hard copies of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity are finally being shipped. The short delay with arrival at the warehouse has been resolved and I’ll be receiving my books soon. Better yet, the books are being shipped directly to those who pre-ordered them at barnesandnoble.com. Still better yet, people have already been receiving them. One person even read the entire book the day it arrived!

Initial feedback from first-readers:

“Very easy to read and a great story.”

“Just finished. Loved the book. I love the format too -illustrations etc. definitely an interesting character.”

“The well written fluid text combined with various photos and illustrations are very effective in bringing Tesla the person to life. I hardly knew anything about him when I started, and felt I really knew this fascinating person when I finished.”

Be sure to write a review and post it on the Barnes and Noble website, on Goodreads, on Facebook, and wherever else you share your ideas. Here are other ways you can spread the word.

I’ll have more soon, plus some highlights of the Tesla Days held in Philadelphia.

By the way – Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla! This happens only once a year. You can buy Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity on Tesla’s birthday. 🙂

Order Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity now, exclusively at BarnesandNoble.com, and either as hardcover or Nook ebook.

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Mano Divina and the Divine Hand

I’m at Tesla Days in Philadelphia. Last night was a reception with a variety of Tesla-related lectures, all of which were great. But the highlight of the evening was a performance by Mano Divina and his accompanying band, The Divine Hand.

Mano Divina

I’ll post more on Mano and the Tesla Days events when I have better computer access, but here’s a tickler from an earlier Tesla event (scroll down for the video).

Order Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity now!

I’ll continue to post periodically to my Facebook page during Tesla Days and will be back with a whole lot more after my trip.

We Have a Launch – Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity Goes Live

Tesla: The Wizard of ElectricityTesla: The Wizard of Electricity is now officially published.

You can order it now exclusively on BarnesandNoble.com.

You can read a quick sneak peak and a much longer description of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity. In short, the book is designed to appeal to a wide range of the general public, not just academic researchers.

So here’s how you can help:

Spread the word! Use the social networking buttons at the bottom of this post and the two posts linked in the paragraph above. Talk about it with your friends, and your friends’ friends. Share it on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and wherever else you hang out. Tweet it, StumbleUpon it, Digg it, Tumble it, Reddit, and Pin it.

Buy the book! Okay, this is a given 🙂 You can order it online at barnesandnoble.com as a hardcover or an ebook for NOOK. It will also be available in Barnes and Noble stores in July. Where it will NOT be is on Amazon, at least for the moment. This initial roll out is exclusive to Barnes and Noble.

Write a review! Books live or die not only on whether they get bought, but whether people write reviews. Places to write reviews include:

Barnes and Noble



Your own blog or website

Your friends blog or website

Your local or national newspaper

And anywhere else you can think of

Like my Facebook author page! ——- > David J. Kent This helps spread the word, plus you’ll get periodic updates on Tesla, Lincoln, and more. (If you haven’t already, click on my name next to the arrow)

Give the book as a gift! Christmas is coming. Yes, it is (remember, time flies). The book makes a great gift for that computer or science geek you never knew what to get. It also makes a great gift for invention buffs, graphic novel lovers, historical biography, and just plain interesting characters from history. Need more ideas? Read more here.

Ask for it at Barnes and Noble! Since the book is exclusive to Barnes and Noble, it should be prominently displayed near the store entrance. Be sure to drop by and ask for it if you don’t see it. If you do see it, “accidentally” turn the book face out so people can see the cover (not just the spine). 🙂

Pin it! The Barnes and Noble.com page for Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity has buttons to pin it to your Pinterest page. And Like it on Facebook. And Google+ it. All of that helps get the word out.

Ask for it at the library! Initially, they probably won’t have it. But if enough people ask for it they may order it the next time they are making buying decisions. The book is a perfect for libraries.

Give one to a science teacher! The book is also a great addition to science courses. It’s a quick read, gives a great history of an important scientist who is largely ignored in history books, and the pictures and graphics will spark the interest of even the least inspired student.

Thanks to all of you this experience of bringing Nikola Tesla to the world has been truly amazing. Let’s wake up a new generation of readers and budding scientists. Let’s celebrate Tesla!

The BarnesandNoble.com site has the book for order. I’ll be showing up at various Barnes and Noble stores in July to sign books. Keep coming back to my Tesla Events and Speaking Engagements page here on Science Traveler for updates.

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Nikola Tesla Wine Reception and Lectures

Tesla: The Wizard of ElectricityThe annual Tesla Day 2013 in Philadelphia is fast approaching. Besides free events featuring inventions, speakers, music and more, there will be an opening night wine tasting and reception. Follow this link to find out more and sign up:


I’ll be there to introduce my new book, Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity, which is now available exclusively as both a hard cover and Nook ebook on BarnesandNoble.com.

Tesla Days celebrates the life and works of one of the world’s greatest inventors, Nikola Tesla. Tesla Days 2013, will feature live speakers, musical performances and local dignitaries who come together to inform and inspire. The opening night kickoff events include:

WINE RECEPTION  – Join the president of Tesla Science Foundation, its board of trustees, staff and supporters at this intimate wine reception to be held on the second floor of the Ethical Humanist Society. The reception will feature wines by the Balkan Wine Project as well as light hors d’oeuvres. The reception will be attended by our speakers and performers, so you will have a chance to meet our esteemed guests in person.

LECTURES & PERFORMANCES  –  The Tesla Science Foundation introduces the works and ideas of some of the nation’s most innovative thinkers. Enjoy live performances from artists such thereminist Mano Divina and Natalie Page Bentley, and lectures by our esteemed guests: Dr. Milena Bajic, clinical psychologist, Dr. Evan Malone founder of NextFab Studio and TEDx speaker who will be presenting Keeping Innovation at Home, and W. Bernard Carlson, author of Tesla: Inventor of the Technical Age.

AWARDS CEREMONY  –  Tesla Science Foundation recognizes the works and inventions of scientists, thinkers and innovators who share their ideas through Tesla Club and Tesla Inventor’s Club.

Sign up for the opening night reception events now. Then go to the Tesla Science Foundation website to check out the other events going on across Philadelphia over four days from July 6 – 9.

I’ll be speaking Tuesday, July 9th at the Tesla Film, Book and Art Festival:

  • Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Free Library of Philadelphia 1901 Vine St, Philadelphia, PA

More information on specific times will be posted on this Science Traveler website and on my Facebook page. Hope to see you there.

Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity – Now Available!

Click to pre-order now at barnesandnoble.comTesla: The Wizard of Electricity is officially published as of June 30, 2013. It is now available exclusively at BarnesandNoble.com now! I’ve already provided a quick sneak peak, and now it’s time to highlight more about the book.

To begin with, the book is designed to appeal to a wide range of the general public, not just academic researchers. So…

Like thrilling personality insights? The book is chock full of interesting stories on Tesla from his “100-bug-powered” windmills as a youth to his practical jokes on Mark Twain in his heyday to his dispute with Einstein as he entered his twilight years.

Into graphic novels? Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity includes many historical comics and photos to spotlight key events and figures in Tesla’s spectacular life. The book is an amazing visual experience.

An invention buff? The book captures the prolific inventive mind of Nikola Tesla and how many of his inventions were so far ahead of their time that we are still today relying on his patents for new discoveries.

Turned on by conflict and tension? Tesla’s life can be summed up by one of my chapter titles: “A Man Always at War.” Delve into the complex relationships he had with Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Guglielmo Marconi, J.P. Morgan, and others that were sometimes colleagues, and sometimes rivals.

Prefer serious historical biography? Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity traces the great man’s life from his childhood in the military frontier, through his schooling and employment in the grand capitals of Europe, to his tumultuous, yet most productive, years in New York City, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Niagara Falls.

In short, the book provides insights into a man who has been largely ignored by history despite his huge contributions to modern life. A man who over 100 years ago anticipated that one day we would all be carrying around hand-held devices capable of instant communication across vast distances. Who a century ago promoted and developed renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels. A man who left us a legacy that is just now being rediscovered by scientists, the public, and perhaps most ironically, pop culture.

Join me in celebrating the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla. Spread the word.

Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity is available exclusively in Barnes and Noble stores and online at barnesandnoble.com (and BN.com).

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Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity – Availability

Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity and David J. KentA quick update on the upcoming launch of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity. Did I say upcoming. Actually…

It’s here!

The book is being published by Sterling Publishing (specifically, their Fall River Press imprint). Since Sterling is a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble, for the initial launch period the book will be available exclusively at Barnes and Noble stores and on the barnesandnoble.com website. You won’t find it listed on Amazon so go straight to the barnesandnoble.com (or BN.com) site.

The hard copy book is currently available for pre-order. Check it out, you can’t beat the price. Pre-order it now for delivery as soon as June 30th arrives.

Want an e-book? To speed up the process of adding the e-book to the site, look below the pre-order button for where it says “nook books.” Click on the line that asks “Want to read this on your NOOK? Request as NOOK Book from the publisher.” It will tell them to get the e-book online. [Or if it is already there by the time you click, just go ahead and order it]

In July the book will be in the actual Barnes and Noble brick-and-mortar stores. Look for it prominently displayed near the front door as you enter the store. I’ll provide more details when that happens, plus let you know where I’ll be secretly showing up to sign copies of the book (and give talks about Tesla to anyone interested).

I’ll also have copies for sale through this website, assuming I have any left after the upcoming visit with my family and my participation in Tesla Days in Philadelphia. Look for a link on this site in early July.

More details soon. I promise.

(Okay, time to celebrate!)





More information on the release of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity.

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