David J. Kent, Writer is now “The Traveling Scientist”

The Traveling ScientistI have a new name! Well, technically my name hasn’t changed, but this web site now has an actual title instead of just my name:

The Traveling Scientist

It captures at least two of my primary passions – science and travel. I’ve been a working scientist for about 30 years and have now traveled to almost 30 countries (with hopefully at least 30 more to go). Of course, there is also my passion for Abraham Lincoln, so if you want to really stretch the metaphor you can say that I’ve traveled a long way in gaining knowledge about Lincoln.  Or even that if you travel a long way from Lincoln’s place of birth in Kentucky to England you would find Charles Darwin being born on the very same day – February 12, 1809.  And Charles Darwin is certainly someone who traveled as a scientist.

Okay, I said it was a stretch.  [Spoiler alert – check back later for a WIP on Lincoln and science that is not so much of a stretch]

Now back to the new title.  Those who frequent this site know that I write about a few sometimes overlapping topics – science (currently Nikola Tesla), travel, and Abraham Lincoln.  As it continues to develop I’ll be setting up a schedule of when I’ll post on each topic so those with specific interests in one area more than another will know when to check back.

Better yet, subscribe to the site on the top right of the home page and you’ll get a gentle reminder when new content has been added.

Oh, one more thing. I’ve changed my Twitter account to reflect the new name. Now it reads as “Traveling Scientist” – Scientist by day, writer by night, Abraham Lincoln aficionado always.

I hope you like the new name, and the new look that will be coming soon.  Feel free to leave me a comment with likes/dislikes, ideas for topics to discuss, and just general thoughts.

Back soon.

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