Nikola Tesla Corner

In New York City, where West 40th Street meets the Avenue of the Americas (aka, Sixth Avenue), stands Nikola Tesla Corner.

Photo 48 - Tesla Corner

Dedicated in 1994, the corner sits at the entrance to Bryant Park, a place well known to Nikola Tesla. Seeking solitude or companionship, we’re still not sure which, Tesla would in his later years wander the streets near the New York Public Library and Bryant Park feeding pigeons. When he came across injured birds he would often take them back to his modest rooms in the New Yorker Hotel to nurse them back to health. He became particularly enamored of a certain stunning white pigeon. Ah, the stuff of legends.

More on Nikola Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity.

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4 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla Corner

  1. A calming read with morning coffee – I actually read it a few times over, it’s always nice to feel the tender side of Tesla.

    • Tesla was definitely an interesting guy, both for his sometimes superhuman achievements and his very human foibles.

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