My visit with the cast of Tesla off-Broadway

While in New York for the ASJA conference this weekend I had the opportunity to visit with the cast of the new off-Broadway play called Tesla. They had heard about my Nikola Tesla book through the grapevine (most notably Nikola Lonchar of the Tesla Science Foundation) and asked me to talk to them about the personalities of key players like Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi, Mark Twain, and of course, Nikola Tesla.

Meeting the cast of Tesla off Broadway

Photo courtesy of Sanja Bestic

I’ll have more details later but for now I’ll just tell you that I enjoyed the experience immensely. Sanja Beštić, director of the play, and Sheri Graubert, the playwright, along with other members of the cast welcomed me to a hot New York studio for two hours of Tesla-heavy conversation.

With Sanja Bestic and Sheri Graubert

Our session ended abruptly as someone had reserved the studio, but we managed to squeeze in a few photos. Here I am with the star of the show, James Lee Taylor, who plays the younger Nikola Tesla.

With James Lee Taylor

A quick stop at the local Dean & Deluca for a bite with Sanja and Sheri and then I was on my way to Penn Station and a long Amtrak ride home. But I expect to be back in New York in late May to catch opening night of Tesla at Theatre 80. I hope you’ll join me.

More information on the release of Tesla: Wizard of Electricity.

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