Updates on Nikola Tesla and Me

It has been a busy week for Nikola Tesla and me. Here is a (very) quick run-down of some of the highlights.

Tesla: Wizard of ElectricityThe book is in the mail: I received word today that a few sample copies of Tesla: Wizard of Electricity have been received by my editor. He will be shipping one off to me in the mail, so by this weekend (or early next week at the very latest) I will hold the first copy of my baby book in my hands. We (that would be the royal “we”) are very much excited.


The magazine article is in the mail: Okay, it’s not really in the mail yet since I just got the invitation last night. But I will be providing one of a series of articles for the premier issue of The Tesla Magazine. Planned for July 2013 and thereafter published quarterly in both print and electronic formats, the magazine will be available on Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere. Wardenclyffe will be featured in the first issue, as is rightly so given the enthusiasm over the recent purchase of Tesla’s final laboratory property and the intent to turn it into a museum and science center.

Tesla official posterThe (off) Broadway play is in the mail: I’m stretching the meme here, but bear with me. As previously noted I talked for two hours with the director, writer, and cast members of a new Off-Broadway play called, appropriately enough, TESLA. Opening night is this Friday, May 24th, and yours truly will be there. After the play we’ll jaunt backstage to chat with the cast and then, if I can dig up an “Early 1900s GLAM” suit, join them at the after-party.

Of course, while this week may be Tesla-busy, the next month or two will be super-Tesla-busy. Tesla: Wizard of Electricity is officially published on June 30th and I’ll be attending the Tesla Days events in Philadelphia in time for Tesla’s July 10th birthday. More on Tesla Days when I return (hopefully Live) from New York.

More information on the release of Tesla: Wizard of Electricity.

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