Tesla is on the road again

Tesla and the authorI’m writing this in between packing for my trip and finishing up the 103 and a 1/2 things on my “do before my trip” list. So this will be quick.

Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity continues to have steady weekly sales. We’re down to the last 1000 or so copies (out of 10,000) and they are getting harder to find in Barnes and Noble stores. They are there though, so check out BarnesandNoble.com to find a location near you that still has stock. Or order an ebook online. You can also check out Amazon.com, which has some for sale by resellers.

Better yet, order a signed and inscribed copy directly from me.

Why is the timing so important? Because the publisher is looking to make a decision on whether to order a second printing for next spring. To be comfortable doing so they want to have sold out the first printing by Christmas.

Yes, Christmas. For those who have barely started thinking beyond Labor Day, we’re only a few weeks from Halloween, which means one thing – Christmas decorations will start going up soon. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. And I’ve been told that Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity is a great Holiday gift.

Now, on to the trip (darn, this is already longer than I expected). For those in Massachusetts who are available to get together, I’ll be flying up today (Thursday) and staying through Monday night. There’s a great family event on Saturday night, so anyone who bought a book in the store or online and wants me to sign it, you know where to find me. For those still wanting books, you’re in luck. There are several on hold with my northern affiliates (aka, my parents). Let me know if you want to get together for your favorite small talk and libation.

Okay, only 102 and a 1/2 things still to do. I’m mobile!

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    • Well, it didn’t rain, so I guess it was better. First taste of near freezing temperatures though.

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