First views of Buenos Aires

Well, I’ve arrived in Buenos Aires. Here is my first view coming in on the plane.

As you can see, the weather isn’t exactly cooperating. Overcast yesterday afternoon when I took this photos. Today is something out of Noah – flashes of lightning, huge crashes of thunder, and rain that fluctuates between steady light and demonstrable deluge.

From yesterday, a monument in Plaza de Mayo.

So far the city is more European than South American. First it seemed like Greece or Rome.

The Casa Rosada (Pink House) is where Evita made her famous song (or was that Madonna).

A cool bridge that is supposed to capture the sweeping arms and legs of tango dancers. You have to have a good imagination here.

Other locations had an obelisk that looked like the Washington monument in an intersection that looked like a mini Times Square. Then a pedestrian shopping street with people constantly hawking “cambrio,” which reminded me so much of Nanjing East Road in Shanghai I wanted to reply Bu Yao.

More when I can get access.

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