It’s Tesla Time – Events for Nikola Tesla’s Birthday

David J. KentNikola Tesla would be 158 years old on July 10, 2014 if he were still alive. In a way, Tesla has had a rebirth in recent years: Wardenclyffe is being turned into a museum and science center; Tesla has become a pop culture icon (and a car company); and books about him are selling off the shelves. This birthday has special meaning both for Tesla and for me. With that in mind here is an update of some key events over the next month or so.

Renewable Energy book goes live!: My Tesla and Renewable Energy ebook becomes available on Amazon the end of this month, just in time for Tesla’s birthday. In an amazing response to my previous article I received almost 30 suggestions for a title of the book. I’ll be opening up a vote for the final title shortly. I’ll also be opening up a vote for the final cover design, so keep an eye on this website and my Facebook author page. Be sure to “Like” the Facebook page because I’ll be giving loyal fans free access to the ebook when it first comes out.

Second printing of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity: My first Tesla book was a great hit and sold out the print run at Barnes and Noble. Because it has tons of photos, graphics, and some really cool cartoons, the book requires several months to reprint. In honor of Tesla’s birthday the second printing of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity will be in Barnes and Noble stores in July. The exact dates will depend on the specific store, so if you don’t see it prominently displayed please ask store staff if they have any copies. They sold quickly last year so grab them while they are available (or order a signed and inscribed copy of the first printing directly from me now).

Signing books 1-11-14

Tesla in schools?: I’ve also discussed with the Tesla Science Foundation and school principal Ashley Redfearn Neswick about using Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity as part of a school curriculum. Recently this idea has expanded to possibly writing additional books on how to teach Tesla (for teachers) and different grade levels (for students). This is part of a broader effort by TSF and Neswick to build a Tesla curriculum.

Brown Bag Lecture at Ipswich Museum: For those in New England, I’ll be giving a brown bag lunch lecture on Nikola Tesla on July 7th at the Ipswich Museum. Did you know that Tesla had a business venture with John Hays Hammond, Jr., famous not only for work he did on robotics (with Tesla) but for the Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts? I’ll talk about that and other parts of Nikola Tesla’s life. There will also be a book signing at the event.

Gloucester fisherman

Tesla Days in Philadelphia: The Tesla Science Foundation is sponsoring its annual Tesla Days on July 9-10 in Philadelphia. Check out the link for more information.

Teslamania in Toronto/Niagara Falls: Immediately following, on July 10-13, Tesla Magazine is sponsoring Teslamania, a multi-day celebration of Nikola Tesla’s life and work. Most of the events are in Toronto but there is a side trip to nearby Niagara Falls to view the power of nature that so inspired Tesla to harness hydroelectricity.

There will be a lot more as both my books on Nikola Tesla are available this summer. Join my Facebook author’s page to keep up on events. Everyone who has “Liked” my page will be eligible to access the ebook for free. Also look for a newsletter to start up later this summer.

David J. Kent is the author of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity. You can order a signed copy directly from me, download the ebook at, and find hard copies at Barnes and Noble bookstores, as well as online at B& and

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