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My name is David J. Kent. I am a scientist, a traveler, and an Abraham Lincoln historian.

Want to know more about famous scientists? I am the author of five books on Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln.

Want to experience more of the world? I have traveled to over 40 countries (with more on the way).

Want to know more about Abraham Lincoln? I am an independent historian.

2015 SETAC AwardOver a thirty-five year scientific career I have been a marine biologist, an environmental toxicologist, and a national and international consultant. I have been President of three different scientific organizations, chaired a variety of scientific groups and conferences, and won awards for my scientific work. During this time I have also been an independent Abraham Lincoln historian and currently serve as the Vice President for Programs for the Lincoln Group of DC.

Throughout my professional years I wrote – technical reports, peer-reviewed science papers, scientific analyses for work; newsletters, web articles, and now blogs for my interests. To that I can add some published photography and a photo book. And now the Tesla, Edison, and Lincoln books. More books are in the pipeline.

Kent in a Bottle
The common theme of all of my writings is a desire to communicate science and history to the general public. In part I do this as a fun way to express my love of travel, such as asking whether Galileo actually did drop balls from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and if he did, was someone at the bottom to catch them?


So please join me on my travels. Look around the web site. Like my Facebook page. And if you have any questions, feel free to send me a note.

Wondering about the cover photos?  Yes, I took them.  Check here for a description of the location and stories.

Need to email me?  Write to davidjkent.writer AT gmail DOT com.

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  2. Hi David! I couldn’t figure out how else to get a hold of you! Please drop me an email as I have a family question to ask you! Looks like you are doing well!

  3. Well, DJK, sounds sort of fascinating: Writer and Scientist! Sort of like my “cup of tea” without the acclaims of course. I’ve dreamt up a “prescient” energy conversion form over eons now, and I believe I am somewhere on the verge of presenting our world something of a breakthrough in the the most reliable and the most feasible clean energy system that will have application for all manners of main energy conversion system imaginable. Just consider a set of new energy algorithms that can, at one and the same time, “power” automotive technology, aeronautic systems and marine transport systems. Currently, apart from the conventional fuel combusting systems, none of the vaunted traditional renewables have shown potential to deliver such dynamic, all-round operability! (You should know this, as a scientist!)
    This is where I stand in my humble independent endeavors. And I’m sort of like completing some operational blueprints that others might be able to take some interesting peek at.
    Who knows, perhaps we could begin some networking – if we can find the time.

    A thousand cheers!

  4. David, I am not sure whether I managed to contact you via LinkedIn. Knowing of your interest in Lincoln having just read your biography of Tesla. My great uncle Christopher Newman Hall stayed with Lincoln at the White House for 3 years and co-wrote his address to Congress with Beecher. He was known in the US as “The Protestant Divine” as he was fiercely anti slavery. There are lots of other family stories I would like to share with you. Could you contact me at : john_sutton@btconnect.com or through LinkedIn.

    • I was not aware of Mr. Hall’s presence at the White House, nor that Lincoln and Beecher co-wrote a speech to Congress. Do you have any further information on these?

  5. I am reading Tesla: Wizard of Electricity and thought you might like another musical reference to Tesla. Allan Holdsworth, one of the world’s most respected and influential guitarists, released an album in 1992 called Wardenclyffe Tower. Poke around online and you’ll find the title track on youtube. Thanks, Joe

  6. Great site Joe. I’ll get that book! I like the Lincoln tie-in. I too am a great fan of The Man! Stop by my site & read some of his perspectives, look around, & please leave suggestions! thelogcabinsage.com

  7. David, sorry about the “Joe” salutation…must have been thinking coffee…lol. Anyway, do I have your permission to list your site on the Books and Sites page of my blog thelogcabinsage.com ? Either way is fine. Have a good week. Mac

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