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You could say I have a passion for Abraham Lincoln.  I have been fascinated by our 16th President since I was a kid. Lincoln was a man of great strength – both physically and in character.  A man who was called to serve his country when his country was trying to rend itself asunder. A man who ultimately gave up his life to save the Union.

This fascination led to an independent career as an Abraham Lincoln historian. Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of books about Abraham Lincoln, though with an estimated 15,000 books written about him I have a long way to go. Having the money to collect more and the shelf space to store more, well, that’s a different question altogether.  As of this writing I have over 1000 titles in my collection. However, a title could be multiple volumes. For example, my 10-volume set of Nicolay and Hay’s “Abraham Lincoln: A History” published in 1890 counts only as one “title.” So the actual number of books is larger.

Abe and MeSome quick numbers:

159+    =     Number of books signed by the author (many directly to me)

447+    =    Number of confirmed first editions

117+      =    Number of first editions that are signed by the author

69      =    Number of books that have pre-1900 copyright dates

1834  =    Oldest copyright date in my collection

Some of the more notable books are signed copies of Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin (the basis for the Steven Spielberg/Daniel Day-Lewis/Sally Field movie) and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. I also have signed copies of books by historian Harold Holzer, Carl Sandburg, Osborn Oldroyd, Lloyd Ostendorf, and recently deceased (at 100) Richard Current.

Lincoln MemorialMy home page posts will highlight my Lincoln-related writing and activity.  Feel free to check back periodically to see what new stories and photos have been added.  Better yet, subscribe to this web site – see the right column on the home page.

Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America





BTW, my book, Lincoln: The Man Who Saved Americafor the same publisher who put out my earlier books on Nikola Tesla (2013) and Thomas Edison (2016), is NOW AVAILABLE. Buy it at Barnes and Noble stores or online at BarnesandNoble.com


Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla: Connected by FateBut you can buy Lincoln now – my specialty e-book Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla: Connected by Fate is now available on Amazon. This book takes a look at the amazing connections between these two great men.

Another related activity is the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia. I recently became Vice President of Programs and my responsibilities include arranging authors to speak at our monthly dinner and lecture meetings.

With all of these Lincoln activities, expect posts on key Lincoln events, highlights from the monthly Abraham Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia lectures, progress on my Lincoln book, and much much more.  Here’s one example of what I’ve already posted – Mr. Lincoln’s Air Force.

For a full list of my Abraham Lincoln posts click here.

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