James JoyceI love to travel.  Which surprises me.

While I had traveled a little in the United States beforehand, mostly limited to an annual scientific conference held in various places, it has only been in the last dozen years I’ve had a chance to travel more extensively outside the US.  Besides moving several times within the states, I’ve lived in St. George’s, Bermuda; Edinburgh, Scotland; and most recently, Brussels, Belgium.  I’ve been to Asia a few times, Europe a few times more, and now finally to South America. My goal is to reach all seven continents and as many countries as possible.

I’ve taken thousands of photographs.  Some great, some merely adequate, and some destined for immediate banishment to the electronic recycle bin.  With each photo there seems to be a story.  And then there are the stories for which I may not have a photo but I hope to help you visualize as you join me in memories you are living for the first time.

As the main page develops I’ll use photos and words to provide insights into the various parts of the world I’ve visited. I’ll also give tips for travel – places to see, places to avoid, and hints on how to get the most out of your travels.  Look for this page to catalog some of the more interesting or helpful posts, complete with links to the originals.

To get you started, you can click on this link or simply click on the “Travel” tag at the end of any travel post.

Near the end of my three year European living experience I published a book of photography called “Adventures in Europe.”  Dedicated to my parents, the 46 pages of photos was my way of sharing my experiences with them and my extended family back home.

Click on the photo below to see the book.

I hope you’ll join me as I travel both back in time and forward to new experiences.